Advanced Warning Systems, LLC (AWS) products are designed, patented, and distributed from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, making InSyte 1 an American brand.  AWS is represented by an international, professional business team all working towards making gun safety its highest priority.


The idea for InSyte 1 originated from Lynnwood Farr, an American citizen, an accomplished international businessman, and founder of Xcell Security House and Finance S.A., a Swiss Security House in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Through his extensive thirty-three year career with General Dynamics, and his commitment to the security and safekeeping of Xcell Security House and Finance S.A.’s clients’ goods, Mr. Farr envisioned an innovative concept that would take the security and use of firearms in American homes to a new level. The desire to save lives has secured investment funding from private citizen Tiffany Calahan.


Mr. Farr’s expertise provides the key components necessary to integrate all of his knowledge into a device that will change the concept of firearm security in the United States. The following pictures where taken at Gun Shows in the United States of America where the InSyte 1 and accessories were showcased for market branding and acceptance..